The 5S method
The 5S method

A visual workplace with the 5S method

With the application of a 5S workplace organisation, the aim is to create an optimum layout of the workplace. Within a 5S organised workplace, all materials have a fixed place and unnecessary materials are absent. In addition, the environment is kept clean using a standard method and the 5S state of the workplace is frequently assessed by means of an audit / inspection. The implementation of 5S is often supervised by a 5S team, composed of employees. During the implementation, the 5S team uses a 5S information board, which primarily serves as a communication tool geared towards the workplace. On the board, improvement proposals are signed off, information about 5S audits can be found, the team is displayed and minutes of meetings can be read.

Pascal de Meulenaer - Lean Manager Farm Frites

"A 5S program was initiated in the factory, first without the 5S boards. Because visualisation is actually essential for these types of procedures, I manually updated some results on the infoboards in the first stage. Soon I realised I was missing something, this was when I started looking for 5S boards. I found them at TnP Visual Workplace. They actively contributed to designing the 5S boards, which really helped us. These boards have a certain appeal, not just to customers, but also internally, to the employees. They offer us a tightly organised environment which is representative and clear at the same time and that invites you to use the boards and to organise your own work."

5S Boards Farm Frites

Floor marking and icons for placemarking

In the 5S method, materials are given a placemark alongside an indication. The most common placemark is floor tape. The floor tape has a width of 50 mm, it is easy to apply and has a strong adhesion. It is available in various colours and with or without stripes. An alternative to floor tape is place marking using a photo or icon. An icon is a symbol that takes the place of a text and has the advantage that it is universally applicable. For a hospital in North Brabant, we have developed icons for a washing cart, an oxygen tank and a pot-chair, for example. These icons were printed on plastic panels and mounted on the walls of the nursing wards. It has helped to create an organised workplace in a uniform way. 

5S labels as a registry tool

Using 5S labels, you can specify what should happen to specific materials in the 5S environment. During the so-called Total Clean Out, in the first phase of 5S workplace organisation, the materials on site are provided with a 5S label. On the 5S label you can specify whether the materials should be moved, stored elsewhere or permanently removed. The 5S labels are printed in duplicate and come with carbonless copy paper. The first page of the 5S label is placed on the 5S board so that all 5S actions are visible. The copy of the 5S tag is hung on the equipment, fixed with a tie-wrap through the hole at the top. It is therefore always clear what actions are outstanding.

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