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OEE Performance Measurement
OEE Performance Measurement

Visualisation supporting the OEE performance measurements

OEE is an efficiency indicator for manufacturing equipment and processes. Visual management is an important tool in the management of production processes and a commonly used application is the OEE board. OEE boards are available in several varieties, depending on the areas of focus of the organisation. TnP Visual Workplace has developed an OEE board for a producer of frozen snacks, which is used in daily production meetings. On this board, OEE data is presented in magnetic windows and agreements are recorded in the writable table on the board.

Frans Binnenhei - Production manager at Royaan

"We use the boards of TnP Visual Workplace, among others during the morning meetings to review what has happened the day before, for example in terms of failures and quality. First we did this around the table, now standing in the hallway with the board. We do this deliberately so we keep the momentum going and employees who pass from the cloakrooms see that there is actually something being done about the problems they have reported."

OEE example Royaan

Magnetic windows for data presentation

A magnetic window can be used to present the OEE data of a machine or line. Magnetic windows consist of a transparent plastic sheet with a coloured border and magnetic strips on the back. They can be used on any metallic surface. The magnetic windows are available sizes A3, A4 and A5 and in the colours: blue, yellow, green, red, orange, grey and black. 

Magnetic clipboards for recording information

Magnetic clipboards are an effective tool for recording information in the workplace. This could include breakdown records, schedule lists or quality records. Pre-printed OEE forms are often used and they are provided with time records on the front and a manual OEE calculation on the back. Examples of an OEE form can be requested by e-mail. The magnetic clipboards are equipped with strong magnetic strips that allow them to be hung on the OEE boards.

Magnetic clipboard A4 Landscape - OEE documents

OEE - Overall Equipment Effectiveness

In an ideal industrial plant, machines produce 100% of the time (availability rate), on 100% of the speed (performance level) and with 100% quality (quality level). The OEE is the total return of a process or machine and is calculated as follows; OEE (%) = availability rate (%) x performance rate (%) x Quality Rate (%). The difference between the ideal 100%, and the production itself is referred to as the OEE loss. 

OEE example of Royaan in use


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