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When you implement visual management, one of the pillars is also making people and organisations into visual elements. Who is responsible for what part? Who is at work on what time of the day? Attendance boards, personnel boards, staff schedules and simple but custom ‘face boards’ support this. Be transparent and clear in staffing towards the management, staff and visitors.

Personnel boards in healthcare, where a patient can immediately see to whom they can speak or who their doctor is at any time of day. It is very clear and fewer questions arise because the department is transparent.

Attendance Boards "always tailor-made solutions"

Purchasing a standard attendance board is often difficult, we do not believe in it since every organisation is different. With us you can have
a customised board including the magnetic materials. We work with picture pockets and other magnets to make your board visual, organised
and clear.

Attendance Boards for Wellantcollege (Montfoort)

For a school in Montfoort, we designed a ‘temporary absence’ board in collaboration with a teacher. The issue arose from the class ‘performance time’, in which many students are simultaneously working at different locations inside and outside the school, making it difficult to maintain a clear overview. Who is where? A successful solution.

“The board provides an overview of information and a sense of ease during the classes. It also creates involvement and a sense of responsibility among the students. A perfect solution."

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