Planning & Projects
Planning & Projects

Optimal project planning through visualisation

A crucial part of planning is to have a complete overview. It was long thought that the computer would replace the traditional planning board. However, the major advantages of a traditional planning board cannot be replaced by a computer. A planning board can be used to create an effective and a permanently accessible overview. It is easy to operate and encourages interaction. In practice we see that planning solutions are often a combination of an excel file and visual planning board.

We provide planning boards for many applications and in various types and sizes. From T-card slots to pre-printed magnetic boards. We have developed a planning board for a water authority in North Brabant (Netherlands) on which the presence of staff for two consecutive weeks can be scheduled. The planning board is equipped with magnetic materials and has a professional look.

Custom magnets for your planning board

The use of magnetic materials has the advantage that it is durable and easy to use. Custom magnets are often used for magnetic planning boards. With the personalised design of the planning board you can work with specific magnetic applications.

Custom planning board?

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