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Frequently asked questions
Frequently asked questions Placing an order
  • arrow_right Place an order in our webshop in 3 steps.
    1. Make a quick order of placing products in the order basket
      There are different ways to place an order in our webshop. In case you are already familiar with our item numbers, make a quick order in our quick order form. If you are not famliar with our item numbers, than we recommend you to search for the right product on our website or in the search bar above, to place the order in the order cart by pushing the green button 'Add to Cart'.
    2. Log in or register to Visual Workplace
      After placing different items in the order basket, you log in with your e-mailaddress and password. Are you a new customer? Please fill in your e-mailaddress at new customer and create a new account by filling in the neccessary fields with your data. You can create an account as private customer and as corporate customer at Visual Workplace. 
    3. Complete your order
      If all details are known to us and you have added the right products in your offer chart, you can complete the order.
  • arrow_right Order through a purchase order?

    Only corporate customers can order directly through a purchase order. Send this order to info@tnpvisualworkplace.nl including the right delivery information and a valid reference and you will receive a confirmation within 24 hours in the form of an order confirmation.

    With our new quotation module it is possible to create a quotation online yourself. Do you receive a purchase order based on the quotation, then you can fill in all necessary information directly online. All fields will be shown on your invoice. 

  • arrow_right Placing products from quotation to order?

    By pushing the button 'Copy to order chart' you copy products from the quotation to the order basket.

  • arrow_right Error item number. What went wrong?

    Search feature
    An error error appeared when I filled in the item number. This means that the item number you filled in is incorrect or does not exist anymore. The easiest way to find out what the item number of your product is, is to fill in the productname in the search bar above.

  • arrow_right Item numbers, where do I find them?

    Itemnumbers can be used to make a quick order in the quick order form. Each product is provided by a unique itemnumber at Visual Workplace. You might find this item number on the productpage under 'Product specifications'. It is also possible to overtake the matching item number by filling in the product name in the search bar above.

  • arrow_right I want to order more than 100 pieces, is that possible?

    In case you want to order more than 100 pieces from a product, please contact us to talk about the possibilities. We recommend you to contact our purchase in case you have questions about ordering huge quantities. 

  • arrow_right Can I only place an order in the webshop by using an item number?

    There are different possible ways to place an order at our webshop:

    1. The quick order form
      Are you already familiar with our item numbers? If you are we recommend you to place your order with this form. Simply fill in the number of items you wish to order and the item number of the article on this form and press the ‘add to chart’ button.
    2. Placing an order in the order cart
      Ofcourse you can also place an order in our webshop by adding the products you wish into the order cart. When you click the green 'order' button on the productpage, you can simply place products into the order basket.
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  • arrow_right How can I return my order to Visual Workplace?

    You can return your order within 14 calendar days in case the goods do not meet your expectations. The costs for returning the goods are for your own account. The products can be returned to the following address:

    Visual Workplace
    Attn. Warehouse - Returns
    Kerkenbos 1020J
    The Netherlands (NL)

  • arrow_right When will I receive the refund?

    If you return your goods within 14 calendar days and you do not exchange the items, you can get a refund of the purchase. This amount will be refunded within 7 working days after we received your return in good order.