Consultancy (Lean)
Consultancy (Lean)

Visual management as a catalyst for Consultancy

Consultancy organisations are service-orientated and like to offer a total service package. In addition to training and advice, there is also the practical implementation project. Whether it concerns process improvement, policy deployment or workplace organisation, with all these tools visual management can be an important contribution towards successful implementation.

Consultant explains board

Support Consultancy activities

Many consulting firms have their own customer base and their own philosophy. Visual management can act as a catalyst for the consultancy that can be performed for customers. However, offering custom-designed boards as 5S boards or OEE boards is not easy for a consulting organisation. TnP Visual Workplace can provide assistance in this area. We design tailor-made visual management boards with knowledge of various improvement processes. We therefore act as a sparring partner for both consultants and end-customers. Through experience, we are able to share best practices across various industries, all with the advantage that the consultant remains the point of contact in respect of the customer and the consultant remains in control.

Visual management & Consultancy

TnP Visual Workplace has performed visual management activities for various consulting organisations and has also set up several established collaborative partnerships. In a partnership the consultancy gives instructions to TnP to carry out for the customer. However, we communicate through the consultant with the customer, not directly, so the relation between consultant and customer remains intact. We also send your packages completely according to your corporate identity wishes.

For various consulting organisations throughout the Netherlands we have several board designs (see pictures), for various customers in both industry and services sector.


Customers are not always looking for a professional tailor-made solution with associated costs. Pioneering and do-it-yourself visualising is a primary component of any improvement process. That's why we also offer individual visualisation materials such as magnetic windows and smileys. Naturally, this is also with the consultant as a middleman to keep the relationship between consultant and customer intact.

Are you also looking for a supplier for all your visualisation boards and visualisation materials? We already have several collaborative partnerships with consultants throughout the Netherlands.


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