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Scrum starter kit standard

The Scrum starter kit is the solution for a successful session. You can easily create a scrum board with the Scrum brown paper, Scrum Post-it’s and Scrum Tape. With markers you can write the title above each column: to do, do and done. For 'scrumming' use the post-its and get started!

  • Item number NLSC4001010
  • Price excl. $ 94.95
  • Price incl. $ 114.89
  • VPE 1 starter kit
6-10 working days
Product specifications
  • Item number NLSC4001010
  • EAN-code 3774746955326
  • VPE 1 starter kit
  • Scrum Brown Paper 75 centimeter x 250 meter
  • Scrum Post-its 75 Post-its
  • Scrum Tape 50m
  • Scrum Planning Poker cards (Dutch) 1 set
Product description

Complete set of scrum articles

With scrum you will divide your project into mini-projects which you finish in a short time. This brings you closer to your final goal. You work together as a team to deliver valuable products. Whether it is about starting a new company, organizing a great event or writing an annual report, scrum is the solution!

Content of the package

  • Scrum brown paper (70cmx250m)
  • Scrum Post-its (2 pieces)
  • Scrum Tape (1 rol)
  • Scrum Planning Poker cards (1 piece)