Scrum Brown Paper

To create an clear overview during your daily stand up meeting, you can use scrum brown paper. By using this paper, you create a place you can use during your scrum sprints and meetings. You place selfadhesive post-its with user stories on the board to create an overview and start with Scrum! 

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  • Item number NLSC2001000
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  • Delivery period 6-10 working days
  • Quantity 1 roll scrum brown paper
Product description

Create an overview with Scrum Brown Paper

When you are starting with Scrum or Kanban, a scrum board is essential. On a scrumboard you can visualise user stories and give them a state. An overview arises and you direclty know what the state of affairs is. The scrumboard is central in the daily stand up scrum meeting and is always leading during the sprints. Where buying a scrum whiteboard or a printed kanban board can be a huge investment, creating your own paper is way less highly restrictive.

This brown paper is 75 centimeters high and 25000 centimeters long. That means there is enough paper to use for more sprints. You are able to place the paper on almost every surface with a little tape. Because of the glossy finish, the brown paper is sustainable in use and the paper will not be damaged when you remove the self adhesive post-its from column to column.

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