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Scrum starter kit (magnetic)

Do you want to scrum in a professional way? With the Scrum Starter Kit (magnetic) you create a professional scrum board. The whiteboard, scrum magnets and other accessories make every scrum session a success.

Download Magnetic Window A5 template
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  • Item number NLSC4001020
  • Price excl. $ 229.95
  • Price incl. $ 278.24
  • Delivery period 6-10 working days
  • Quantity 1 starter kit
Product description

Complete set of scrum articles

With scrum you will divide your project into mini-projects which you finish in a short time. This brings you closer to your final goal. You work together as a team to deliver valuable products. Whether it is about starting a new company, organizing a great event or writing an annual report, scrum is the solution!

Content of the package

  • Griding tape black (3 roles)
  • Magnetic window A5 (5 pieces)
  • Scrum whiteboard magnet (50 pieces)
  • Attention magnet (5 pieces)
  • Magnetic smileys 2,5cm mixed set (2 sets)
  • Whiteboard markers (4 pieces)
  • Whiteboard whipes (1 piece)
  • Scrum Planning Poker cards (1 piece)
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Product specifications
  • Item number NLSC4001020
  • EAN-code 3774748147415
  • Quantity 1 starter kit
  • Matrix Tape 3mm x 12m
  • Magnetische titelkader A5 7,5cm x 24,3cm
  • Scrum whiteboard magnet 75mm x 75mm
  • Attentie magneet 6cm x 5cm
  • Magnetische smileys 2,5cm (mix set) 2,5cm x 2,5cm
  • Fine tip whiteboard markers (set) 4
  • Whiteboard tissues 100 tissues
  • Scrum Planning Poker cards 1 set
  • Lean tools Agile & Scrum