Tray stainless steel

The stainless-steel tray is fit to store various materials and small equipment. The trays are especially useful for materials and equipment that isn’t fit to be stored with the help of toolclips. In a 5s organized workplace there is no unnecessary material present and everything should have its own place. With the stainless-steel trays, even the smaller material will have its own dedicated place, resulting in a better working environment.

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  • Item number NLSA1001110
  • Price excl. $ 46.95
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  • Delivery period 6-10 working days
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Product description

Stainless-steel Tray: Universally applicable

The stainless-steel tray is applicable in many industrial environments. The stainless-steel tray can be fixed on a shadow board or a cleaning equipment board, but it can of course also be hung wherever you see fit. Because the tray is made of stainless steel, the tray is perfect for locations where it is damp or wet. To summarize, the stainless-steel tray is universally applicable. Here we will also give a short list of possible materials that are given a fixed place in the workplace with the help of the tray:

  • Tapeline
  • Can of paint or oil
  • Special material
  • Small equipment/tools
  • Bolts and screws
  • Rolls of tape

Stainless-steel tray

The stainless-steel tray has a dimension of 12 by 15cm. The bottom corners have two small holes in them. This makes it easier to clean it with water, the holes provide an exit for the water whilst cleaning.

The stainless-steel trays are delivered excluding a suspension mechanism.

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