Spray can holder stainless steel

With the stainless-steel spray can holder, your spray can or bottle gets a fixed place on your shadow board or cleaning equipment board. The holder is fit for one spray can and the diameter of the hole is 75mm. The holder for both the bottle and the spray can are made of stainless steel. Once you start working with 5s shadow boards and 5s workplace organization the aerosol can holder is indispensable.

  • Item number NLSA3001010
  • Price excl. $ 20.15
  • Price incl. $ 24.38
  • VPE per piece
6-10 working days
Product specifications
  • Item number NLSA3001010
  • EAN-code 3774296441201
  • VPE per piece
  • Measurements (outside) 111,5mm x 90mm x 86,5mm
  • Measurements (inside) 62mm x 90mm x 86,5mm
  • Diameter hole 75mm
  • Magnetic No
Product description

Spray can holder, essential on a 5S organized workplace

Every piece of equipment has a place and a purpose, there are no unnecessary pieces of equipment present. This is one of the many characteristics of a 5S organized workplace. Spray cans and bottles are often misplaced and thus not within arm’s reach, which causes oversight. The holder makes sure both the bottles as well as spray cans get a fixed position. Consequently, the holder creates both order and a better overview of the workplace. Since it is made of stainless steel, the holder is very durable and usable in all circumstances. This spray can holder is universally applicable.

Spray cans and bottles on a fixed place

The stainless-steel aerosol can holder, or bottle holder, is designed to be used on a shadow board or cleaning equipment board. But the holder can of course also be fixed on a panelled wall or any other place that suits you best. Spray can holders are often already used in company in-vehicle equipment. By making use of these holders for both spray cans and bottles, you will know where they are and you will no longer have to be clairvoyant to know where to find them.