Bucket holder stainless steel

The stainless-steel bucket holder can be used to suspend buckets on your shadow- or cleaning equipment board. This suspension system is perfect for industrial use and it is designed with hygiene in mind. Because the bucket is suspended upside down, gravity makes sure that there won’t be anything left in the bucket, making sure the bucket is clean and ready for use. The stainless-steel bucket holder is a necessity to standardize your cleaning process.

  • Item number NLSA2001010
  • Price excl. $ 49.63
  • Price incl. $ 60.05
  • VPE per piece
6-10 working days
Product specifications
  • Item number NLSA2001010
  • EAN-code 3774289440754
  • VPE per piece
  • Measurements (outside) 95mm x 40mm x 200mm
  • Dimension rod 200mm diep, 356.5mm hoog
  • Diameter holder 100mm
  • Magnetic No
Product description

Stainless-steel hook for buckets

According to 5s workplace organization all materials that are in use should have their own dedicated place. The best solution to having a better view over the workplace is by placing a shadow board. On the shadow board the cleaning equipment will be visualized by shadows, making it easy to see if for example something is missing. One simple but crucial piece of cleaning equipment is of course the bucket. A used bucket is a cesspool of bacteria and germs, if it isn’t stored in a hygienical manner. By storing the bucket upside-down, water, or any other remnants, will flow out of the bucket once it is placed back on the hook. Resulting in a clean bucket that is instantly ready to be used.

Applications bucket holders

The bucket hook is perfect for production environments as well as any industrial workplace, the hook is also made to fit every size and brand of bucket. The holder can be secured to a great variety of places, making it a very versatile piece of equipment. Are you busy with or planning to apply the 5S method within your organization and are you striving for an optimal working environment? If that is the case, the stainless-steel bucket holder is a necessity for the optimization of your workplace.