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Planning board | Example SKB (90x120cm)

The use of visual management in the healthcare sector is moving forward significantly. Hospital Koningin Beatrix is also busy implementing Lean to improve the quality of the healthcare for the patients. By using a tailor-made planningboard on the department, an overview has been created. On the board is visualised what nurse is responsible for which room and what device he/she carries. There has made an distinction between the day- and nightservice. This unique planning board is only 90x120cm! A very compact board, applicable in almost every workspace.

Is your care institution also continuous improving the quality of healthcare? Visual Management can support your improvement processess. Please contact us about all possible solutions for your company. If you request a quote, we will contact you as soon as possible.

  • Item number NLVB1001020
  • Price from $ 288.79
  • VPE 1 printed whiteboard
Product specifications
  • Item number NLVB1001020
  • VPE 1 printed whiteboard
  • Product variation 60x90cm, 120x150cm, 120x200cm, 120x240cm
  • Magnetic Yes
  • Writable Yes
  • Measurements (outside) 90cm x 120cm
Product description