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Scrum whiteboard magnet (gray)

The magnetic scrumcards or scrum whiteboard magnets are suitable to be used on your user story tasks. A user story always needs to be described briefly. Therefore magnetic scrumcards are very appropriate. Magnetic scrumcard are an essential tool when you are starting with Scrum & Agile and is a good alternative for using Post-its. Scrum whiteboard magnets are writable and erasable, adhere very well to your whiteboard and are therefore very sustainable. 

  • Item number NLMG1161020
  • Price excl. $ 16.95
  • Price incl. $ 20.51
  • VPE 5 pieces
6-10 working days
Product specifications
  • Item number NLMG1161020
  • EAN-code 3774983977716
  • VPE 5 pieces
  • Magnetic Yes
  • Writable Yes
  • Measurements (outside) 75mm x 75mm x 0,8mm
Product description

Magnetic scrum cards on your whiteboard

Magnetic scrum cards are essential for your scrum spints! They are used to visualise your user story tasks on a professional and suistainable way. Post-its were often used for noting user stories. Applying scrum whiteboard magnets is a more sustainable solution. The scrumcards are provided with a special laminate. Due to this lamination, the cards will be writable and erasable for a very long time. The back of the scrumcards is provided by a very strong magnet so the scrumcards could be simply used on your whiteboard, scrum board or other iron-containing surfaces. 



Magnetic scrum magnets are available in 7 different colours: yellow, orange, green, purple, pink, light blue, red and gray. This means, there is always a colour that will fit your corporate identity. The colours are often applied to indicate different disciplines in the scrum team, to indicate different tasks or to support the status of a task by using visual management. The cards have a size of 7.5 to 7.5 cm and are 0.8 mm thick.