Vikan combo broom (410mm)

The combo broom of Vikan, 400mm, has stiff bristles in the front rows to remove stubborn dirt; the softer bristles of the back rows gather the finer particles. Highly suitable for butcher’s shops, bakeries, restaurants and other places where loose and sticky dirt can be found. The Vikan products complement a bespoke shadow board perfectly.

  • Item number NLVIKAN03174
  • Price excl. $ 35.06
  • Price incl. $ 42.42
  • VPE 1
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What is Vikan?

Vikan is the world’s leading supplier of hygienic cleaning tools for the food and beverage industry and other hygiene-sensitive environments. When you use Vikan, you can count on a hygiene products that is acknowledged worldwide for professional tools, expert advice, functional design, superior quality and a pioneering spirit.

The Vikan hygienic colour coding of cleaning tools reduces the risk of cross-contamination – a major cause of food safety issues – by making sure the tools are only ever used in their intended plant area. TnP Visual Workplace is an authorized dealer.