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Storage hook SS (single - extra long)

There is a diverse variety in available suspension systems. This extra-long stainless-steel suspension hook is for example fit for suspending cleaning equipment like brushes and brooms. The varying suspension materials that we can provide are applicable in a diverse set of working environments and situations. These suspension systems are often placed on cleaning equipment boards and shadow boards. Because this suspension system is extra-long, two pieces of equipment can be placed instead of just one. Resulting in saving extra space.

  • Item number NLSB2001610
  • Price excl. $ 17.39
  • Price incl. $ 21.04
  • VPE 1 piece
10-14 working days
Product specifications
  • Item number NLSB2001610
  • EAN-code 3774464360266
  • VPE 1 piece
  • Measurements 5,5cm x 4cm x 18cm
  • Magnetic No
  • Available sizes Enkel, Dubbel, Enkel met tussenstop, Lang
Product description

Two pieces of cleaning equipment on one hook

With the extra-long stainless-steel suspension system, it is possible to place two of the same pieces of cleaning equipment on one hook. This makes sure that you can save space on your shadow board or cleaning equipment board. The stainless-steel hook is 18 cm long, making it possible to for example place two brooms on the hook. Of course, other pieces of equipment like brushes can be placed on the hook as well. The extra-long hook has been designed with “saving space” in mind and to make sure that it can carry multiple pieces of equipment. The slight curve in the suspension system makes sure that the equipment in the back doesn’t collide with the surface. Even though it might not be a visually strong solution to suspend two pieces of equipment behind each other, it does save space which may be more important in your case. It also goes without saying that the suspension system can be used in damp working environments or suspended wherever you see fit.

The hook is delivered excluding any securing material.