Scrum Post-its

Colourful scrum post-its are essential to use on your paper scrum board (brown paper). Briefly, you write the wishes of the customer, either user stories, post-it and place them on the scrum board. As soon as you get started to tackle and finish tasks, move the post-it from left to right on the board to give a status to the tasks.

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  • Item number NLSC3001099
  • Price excl. $ 8.75
  • Price incl. $ 10.59
  • Delivery period 6-10 working days
  • Quantity 300 post-its
Product description

Distinguish your tasks visually

Because you move the user stories on the post-its a several times during the scrum sprint, it's important the quality of the stickiness of the post-it's is good. For these post-its a special glue has been used to make sure adhesive the post-its keeps their adhesive strength for a long time. Each memo block contains 300 notes in the colors green, orange, pink and blue. In order to give your scrumboard visual power, we advise to assign a color to any specialism in the scrum team. This creates a clear distinction between the various tasks on the board. Particular to this memo block is that the colors are not all clogged together, but each color is stuck separately, allowing you to easily switch colors.

Scrum in a sustainable way

Even if you are doing business sustainability, the post-it can provide the outcome. The adhesive used for post-it consists of 60% of non-edible plants that grow annually. In addition, the notebooks are PEFC certified. This means that the post-its are made from sustainable managed forests and verified sources.

Are you starting with scrum? Than these colorful post-its are indispensable.

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Product specifications
  • Item number NLSC3001099
  • EAN-code 3774325787843
  • Quantity 300 post-its
  • Measurements (outside) 76mm x 76mm x 33mm
  • Number of sheets per block 75
  • Adhesive force Extra strong
  • Colours Green, orange, pink & blue
  • Additional PEFC-gecertificeerd
  • Lean tools Continuous Improvement, Planning & Projects, Agile & Scrum